Trunk Funk
THC*: 21.5% |Focused

Trunk Funk is an indica dominant flower that tested at 21.5% THC. Archive Seed Bank crossed two powerhouse strains — White Tahoe Cookies and Do Si Dos — with all intentions of sending you down to Funkytown! Trunk Funk grows extra tight, dense colas that are light green in color and expose medium length purple leaves. This flower is consumed by trichomes, causing the nugs to stick to you like glue. Trunk Funk gives an aroma that is nearly overpowering, so think twice if you are looking to be discreet. Its scent consists of pine and earth, followed by a subtle hints of sweetness. The hash-like “OG” inhale is immediate and exposes a thick, yet smooth exhale.





*absolute, non-decarboxylated value


Trunk Funk has dominant terpenes like caryophyllene and limonene that help create a relaxing effect. These terpenes are also known to help sedate the body, treat insomnia, and reduce minor chronic pain.

Suggested Activities

If being in a funk is a problem for you, it might also be the solution! Try Trunk Funk for a tranquil, focusing effect, especially on occasions where you might be struggling with depression or anxiety.