Orange Peel
THC*: 28.2% |Focused

This focusing, indica-dominant strain was brought to us by Franchise Genetics, who decided on a lineage of Girl Scout Cookies crossed with Orange Juice to breed. Orange Peel is entrancing to the human eye; she has big spiky buds that show off kelly green colored leaves. Her pistils are short in stature and produce a bright orange hue. Orange Peel has an aroma of peppery blood orange and relays a fair amount of citrusy-sweet flavored smoke.





*absolute, non-decarboxylated value


Orange Peel has high amounts of caryophyllene— a stress-relieving terpene that causes relaxation and reduces anxiety.

Suggested Activities

Orange Peel is a mood-boosting flower that allows you peacefulness; we suggest pairing it with a night at home and comedy sitcom reruns!