Nepali Pink
THC*: 25.7% |Euphoric

Nepali Pink is a euphoric, sativa-dominant strain with a lineage of Powerline x Hindu Sun x Afghani Pink OG. This flower releases a very busy aroma; it has dominant scents of both mango and passionfruit, combined with a slight kick of mint that awakens your senses. Nepali Pink offers a delicious inhale, with the flavor of lilikoi and starfruit and a finish of sweet guri guri exhale.





*absolute, non-decarboxylated value


Nepali Pink has high amounts of pinene and caryophyllene, which help give an incredibly balanced high. Pinene keeps you energized, while caryophyllene stabilizes any potential anxiety.

Suggested Activities

This strain is best for those who love the outdoors and taking on an adventure. “Kaukala” (hang loose) with Nepali Pink and get your euphoria on at your next Lu’au!