THC*: 21.7% |Lively

Mimosa is a lively, sativa-dominant strain bred by Symbiotic Genetics, who chose Purple Punch and Clementine to parent. Mimosa is slightly dense to the touch, and cured to perfection. She has a bright purple exterior and amber, orange colored pistils that are slightly curled. Mimosa definitely stands out with its incredible tutti-fruity smell, and sour red fruit taste that takes you straight to paradise, but it's the wonderfully clear head high that keeps us wanting more. This flower, testing at 21.7% THC, gives a well balanced mood boost as well as a delightful body relaxation effect, making it the best of both worlds!





*absolute, non-decarboxylated value


Mimosa has a high amount of pinene, which has anti-inflammatory properties and beneficial respiratory effects.

Suggested Activities

Mimosa is great for a social gathering, if you want to be crowned the life of the party!