A Weed Company with Compassion and Care

At Cream of the Crop, we care about what you put in your body. And we have compassion for anyone who finds some sort of relief in cannabis.

Because we have compassion and care, we pride ourselves on quality. Before we get into the specifics of what makes Cream of the Crop products excellent, let’s take a step back and imagine what it’s like to run a cannabis company during this exciting boom period in cannabis history. . .

How to Run a Cannabis Company

Cannabis is a cash crop. So, if you are running a cannabis company, you might become highly motivated to rush and get as much product out the door as you can, so you can cover your costs and hopefully make a profit. Unfortunately, this will force you to rush processes critical to cannabis quality, such as drying and trimming the plant.

Furthermore, if you have compassion for your customers and you genuinely care for their experiences with your product, taking shortcuts in producing cannabis is simply not an option. This is what guides how we operate Cream of the Crop. 

We believe it is important to have compassion for the environment in how we grow our products and care for those we grow for. This means no steps skipped, and no processes rushed. Simply put, our product is the best because we care more.

Better than Good: From Weed Seeds to Beautiful Strains

As we grow and develop our products, each day we ask each other, “is this good, or better than good?” But what does this actually look like at Cream of the Crop? 

First and foremost, quality is about how much attention each plant is given. And it turns out that cannabis plants need a whole lot of care and attention! Fortunately, we are more than up to this challenge.

We “touch” our plants several times throughout their growth cycles: 

  • We feed them when they need to be fed — not when it’s most convenient or efficient. 

  • We provide the right amount of nutrients — not too much to get them to grow faster. 

  • We water them irregularly, according to what each plant needs — not at regular, scheduled intervals, regardless of how each plant is growing.

  • We carefully trim our plants as often as they need to be trimmed — not at the bare minimum. 

Overall, we have a different level of respect for our plants. This is part of what gets us the best cannabis flower. But our calling to be Better Than Good doesn’t stop there . . .

Flower: THC Content Matters, But Quality Matters Most

If you want to inhale cannabis, we believe that Cream of the Crop flower will give you the healthiest and best experience possible. Here are more examples of what we do to make our products the best:

Curing process: Flower clipped from the cannabis plant need time to dry out — this lets the chlorophyll leave the plant.
If we cared less about quality, we would rush this curing process — but that would make the flower lose its smell, flavor, and appealing appearance.

Process after the bloom cycle: We take anywhere from four to five weeks from the time we harvest a plant to the time it’s ready to be sold. 

If we cared less about quality, we would rush this process also by raising the temperature of our indoor growing lights, reducing humidity, and trimming while the plants are still wet.

Pesticides: We have grown pesticide-free since 2012; we toss plants if they get pests. 

If we cared less about quality, we would use pesticides to save the plant and maximize our profits. In fact, we are proud to say that when California introduced additional lab testing regulations in July 2018, we didn’t have to change a single operating procedure.

Flushing: This is the time it takes to remove nutrients from the plant, which allows for a cleaner and more flavorful smoking experience. If this process is rushed or done incorrectly, the flavor will not be ideal and, even worse, the smoke will be harsher on your lungs.

Even after our cannabis plants have been cared for and have produced the best flower available, our dedication to quality still doesn’t stop.

In flower jars of one eighth of an ounce or more, we include Integra Boost packs. These keep the humidity at the right level so that the flower are fresh anywhere from sixty to ninety days. Our jars also have an airtight seal.

In our pre-rolls, we grind the flower and take the time to hand sift the stem mass to save you from a harsh burn in your throat, rather than including it in the preroll to save ourselves time. 

Protip: Try a “dry pull” before you light your next pre-roll to truly taste the flavor of the flower. You will notice a lack of flavor in lower quality flower.

These are just some of the reasons why Cream of the Crop flower have real flavor and are exceptionally clean to smoke. We ensure this by making sure that every Cream of the Crop flower passes five layers of inspection: 

1. Scent: When you open a flower jar, do you get an unmistakable scent? 

2. Flavor: We want our flower to taste like something besides plant matter.

3. Effect: We expect the flower to give you a particular experience, based on its cannabinoid and terpene content.

4. Burn: Is it clean and smooth on the throat, burning down to white ash?

Protip: If your cannabis burns down to black ash instead of white, it was not flushed properly. 

5. Look: We want our flower to sparkle with beauty and have an effect on you, even before you smoke it.

If you have tried Cream of the Crop flower and would like to tell us about your experience, fill out our Strain Review Survey.

Cannabis Oil and Our Healthy Living Products

Full Spectrum Oil (FSO)

We are particularly proud of our full spectrum cannabis oil because we believe, based on numerous anecdotes and testimonials, it is literally saving lives. We use 99.9% pure ethanol solvent, state of the art equipment, and proprietary purification processes to develop a safe, consistent, and authentic product that you can trust to heal. Our FSO contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (cannabidiol), CBG (cannabigerol), CBC (cannabichromine), and CBN (cannabinol).

This is where care and compassion for our customers comes full circle; we want to provide the best possible medicine for our customers, many of whom are struggling with serious health conditions.

If you have tried Cream of the Crop FSO and would like to tell us about your experience, fill out our FSO Review Survey.

REST and RESTx Capsules

We arrived at these swallowable capsules after our experience researching military veterans and learning that they, like many other people, have a very difficult time sleeping. The goal of our capsules is to give people the best possible sleep without a synthetic drug hangover. To do this, we combine FSO, sleep-promoting terpenes (linalool and limonene), and other sleep supplements such as melatonin and valerian root.

If you have tried Cream of the Crop REST or RESTx capsules and would like to tell us about your experience, fill out our REST Review Survey.

We hope this overview of Cream of the Crop product excellence has given you the insight and know-how to choose a cannabis product that is safe and of the highest quality — made by people with care and compassion!