As the cannabis industry becomes legalized and products become increasingly available, cannabis consumers must ask themselves just how much they want to dose. Some choose to have a very high dose whenever they use cannabis — these folks evidently have a very high tolerance or don’t have much to accomplish that day! 

However, others prefer to be more intentional and precise with their dosing so that their cannabis experiences are pleasant and allow them to remain functional. The issue of dosing is more important now than ever — studies show that THC levels of cannabis have, on average, increased steadily over time.

The best way to smoke weed: Dosage matters

At Cream of the Crop, we pride ourselves on educating our customers to become Connoisseurs — part of this is knowing what dose is right for you. To be clear, proper dosing isn’t just about a pleasant cannabis experience. 

Even for those using cannabis to treat pain, dosing is important to consider — and more is NOT always best.

In one randomized, placebo-controlled study, participants were given a painful injection of capsaicin, which is the substance that makes chili peppers hot and spicy. A moderate dose of THC (4%) was more effective in alleviating the pain than a placebo, a low dose (2%), AND it was more effective than a high dose (8%), which actually made pain symptoms worse!

What does this mean for you and your cannabis use? For starters, keep in mind something called the “biphasic effect” — this happens when a low or moderate dose of a medicine or drug is effective, but too high of a dose produces the opposite effect. This helps explain why some people feel anxiety, paranoia, and other unpleasant symptoms when they use cannabis — their dose is just too high (pun intended)! 

Smoking a joint with the Cream of the Crop

For this reason, all Cream of the Crop products are clearly labeled with their contents. In general, if you are an inexperienced user or you know you don’t have a particularly high tolerance for weed, we suggest taking a single inhalation of flower and waiting about 15 minutes before deciding if you want more. 

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In addition, our Healthy Living products are labeled with clear dosages to help you determine what amount is right for you. Our REST capsules contain 5mg of THC and CBD, while our RESTX capsules have 10mg of THC and CBD. The minimum effective dose of THC is now considered to be about 5mg, but some people find that an even lower dose works for them. For our Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil, we recommend beginning with 0.1ml every eight hours. 

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Over time, you will discover the right product that gives you just the right dose, so you won’t have to guess if you’re having too much (or too little). 

You’ll also avoid the rookie mistake of having a dose, thinking it’s not enough, and then having another dose, which ends up being way too much!

As you take a more intentional and precise approach to cannabis dosing, you will notice that each Cream of the Crop strain will give you unique effects. We suggest tracking your usage of all Cream of the Crop products, keeping track of dosage and effects, to have a better sense of what product is best for you.

Dosing is just one component of becoming a Cream of the Crop Connoisseur. Check back with us soon to continue learning about quality cannabis products for a quality cannabis experience!