We’ve come a long way from the old days. Just a few decades ago, it seemed that your only choice to consume cannabis was in a “marijuana cigarette.” Thankfully, many more options are available to today’s cannabis user.

In fact, there are so many options that the choice of how to consume cannabis can be a little overwhelming. To get started, let’s take a closer look at several popular consumption methods, pro-tips, and the Cream of the Crop product we recommend.


  • Pre-roll: Don’t be fooled; our pre-rolls contain flower from our outstanding strains. Never random shake or trim!

  • Pipe: If you prefer to handle flower yourself and pack your own bowl, this is the way to go. In either case, we suggest a hemp wick (or a similar product) for a nice, natural combustion. Lighters give a nasty butane taste.

  • Vaporizer: For those who want to take it easy on their lungs, a vaporizer is a great option. You can use flower and experiment with different heating temperatures that release terpenes and cannabinoids into an inhalable vapor, instead of smoke.

    Also, vaporizing might be the choice for you if would like a bit more of an enhanced effect. One study found that “vaporized cannabis produced significantly greater subjective drug effects . . . and higher blood THC concentrations than the same doses of smoked cannabis.”

Cream of the Crop product offerings for inhaling:

  • Flower: We pride ourselves on offering the cleanest, most beautiful, and most delicious flower. Take a look and see for yourself! We recommend trying a single inhalation and waiting at least 15 minutes before inhaling again.

  • Bubble hash: Although Cream of the Crop currently does not offer a bubble hash product, we are excited to announce that we will soon have one! Bubble hash is a cannabis concentrate made using ice water, made differently from traditional hash or butane hash oil (aka BHO, shatter, or wax). We consider bubble hash to be the pinnacle of cannabis consumption — stay tuned to hear more about our new offering. 

Full Spectrum Oil (FSO)

Since you can consume FSO in a variety of ways, we have listed it separately. Plus, it’s one of the products we offer that we are most proud of! This is a purified and concentrated cannabis oil that people with serious health conditions find especially helpful.

  • Ingest: Place your desired dose under your tongue, mixed with your favorite cracker or piece of candy.

  • Topical: Apply directly to an area on your skin that you would like to target. Cover it with a bandage. Mix it with another natural oil (like coconut or hemp oil) to target a larger area.

  • Suppository: After putting your desired dose into a water soluble capsule, the FSO is absorbed directly into your intestinal wall and into your bloodstream, significantly limiting the psychoactive effects of THC.


  • Edibles: We at Cream of the Crop currently do not sell edibles, but of course we should mention them as the most common way to ingest cannabis. Just remember that most people consider just 5mg of THC to be a minimum effective dose! If you are new to edibles, try this dose and wait a few hours before having anymore.

  • Capsules: A quick and easy way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

Cream of the Crop product offerings for ingesting:

  • Our REST (5mg) and RESTX (10mg) capsules are designed to give you the best sleep of your life. Key ingredients include FSO, a custom blend of terpenes (i.e., linalool and limonene), and other common sleep supplements.

Regardless of how you choose to consume cannabis, please do so responsibly. We also suggest joining in our community to share your experiences with like-minded cannabis users.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit more about your cannabis consumption options. Have a happy high!