It’s time for a morning treat in paradise! We are pleased to introduce our favorite fruity strain: Mimosa!

The Effect To Expect

Mimosa is a lively, sativa-leaning strain, with a wonderfully clear head high that keeps us wanting more. It also gives a well balanced mood boost as well as a delightful body relaxation effect, making it the best of both worlds! 

Top Terpenes

Mimosa gives a clear head high probably because it contains high amounts of alpha and beta-pinene, which is known to counteract the “foggy” effect of THC on the mind, along with anti-inflammatory properties and beneficial respiratory effects. The body high sensation of Mimosa is likely due to the strong presence of caryophyllene, which is known for having sedative effects.


Mimosa is slightly dense to the touch and cured to perfection. She has a bright purple exterior and amber, orange colored pistils that are slightly curled. Mimosa definitely stands out with its incredible tutti-fruity smell and sour red fruit taste that takes you straight to paradise!


Mimosa is bred by Symbiotic Genetics, who chose Purple Punch and Clementine to parent.

Suggested Activities

People like a mimosa with breakfast and this strain is no different! We find Mimosa to be a top-notch daytime (or even morning) choice, especially for social occasions, if you want to be crowned the life of the party!

Final Comments

Mimosa is a functional daytime strain with a great combination of a clear head high with a pleasant body high. Its smell, taste, and appearance are exquisite, making this strain a must-try the next time you want to go to paradise!

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