As U.S. legality of cannabis continues to grow, so does cannabis research. This means that we can confidently blaze certain myths that have been around far too long. Let the blazing begin!

Myth: All flower with the same strain name will give you the same effect.

The Blaze: You’ve probably heard of some famous cannabis strains like Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Diesel, or OG Kush. Each of these strains is known for a unique effect; for example, Sour Diesel is known as a great day-time sativa, with an uplifting and clear-headed high. So, if you ask for Sour Diesel at two different shops, can you expect the same effect each time? Not necessarily.

A cannabis tech company tested samples of another famous strain, Blue Dream, and found that they differed by an average of 64% in chemical profile. They also found similar results with many other popular strains. 

This is not surprising; the effect you can expect from flower is influenced by many factors, including its cannabinoid and terpenes profiles, as well as how it was grown. These factors will differ drastically for one strain being sold in different shops. So why play a guessing game when you can get reliable, consistent flower from Cream of the Crop? :)

Myth: The best strains have the highest THC.

The Blaze: Unfortunately, decades of prohibition have led the cannabis industry to become highly fixated on the THC content of each strain. But this is just one factor to consider when it comes to great flower! For starters, the terpene profile of a strain is probably just as important as its THC content. And don’t forget about all those other important cannabinoids like CBD! 

This is why, for each of our strains, we provide its top terpenes, the benefits you can expect based on its terpene content, and some suggested activities based on user reviews and our own experiences with the flower. We believe all of this information, including THC percentage, will help you and your local budtender decide what flower is right for you!

Myth: Cannabis users are unhealthy people. 

The Blaze: We’ve all seen the stereotypes of stoners doing nothing but munching out on the couch in front of the TV. But the research tells a different story! A new study shows that men who use cannabis are more likely to have a lower body mass index, as well as better cholesterol and blood pressure levels. 

And let’s not forget the growing movement among professional athletes who are cannabis enthusiasts! If these people, who are some of the most physically fit people in the world, are championing cannabis, some new thinking about the link between cannabis and physical fitness is definitely warranted.  

Myth: Everything you read about the benefits of medical cannabis is true. 

The Blaze: This is a myth that might be difficult to blaze for cannabis advocates, but we at Cream of the Crop strongly believe that the cannabis industry benefits when our claims about cannabis are evidence-based, whether they are positive or negative

To this end, an analysis of 10 popular cannabis websites found that over 75% of statements about medical cannabis were inaccurate. For the good of the industry, we should keep our claims based on quality evidence! 

Also, there is really no need to exaggerate the benefits of cannabis or to pretend as if using it has no risks. In fact, doing so probably hurts the industry more than helps it. Rest assured that the research does generally indicate that cannabis is beneficial and has huge medicinal potential! However, if we want cannabis to become culturally accepted and available to as many people as possible, we should hold ourselves to a rigorous scientific standard so that critics of cannabis use will not be able to truthfully claim that advocates will say and do anything to get it fully legalized.

This concludes another edition of Mythblazers. If you have seen a claim about cannabis that makes you wonder if it’s a myth that needs prompt blazing, ask us about it on Instagram or Twitter (@cotc_gardens) and we just might feature it in our next installment of Mythblazers!