The cannabis industry is changing fast. As it grows, more and more new users are looking for a cannabis product that is right for them. And, unsurprisingly, smoking a joint of really strong flower is not necessarily for them. And that’s okay, because a growing trend in cannabis use is precise dosing

Below are three benefits of lowering your cannabis dosage, and why they might be worth exploring if it is right for you!

1. Avoiding Unpleasant Side Effects

Some long-time users may not empathize, but a high dose of THC can lead to some rather unpleasant side effects, including a rapid heart beat, an overwhelming head high or mental fog, paranoia, anxiety, excessive coughing, and an inability to function normally.   

Lowering your dose of cannabis can of course minimize these side effects or even help you bypass them altogether! Indeed, an increasingly common appeal to newer users is the promise that they will feel well, not high.

2. More Knowledge

Lowering your dose of cannabis and becoming more intentional with it will naturally lead you to becoming more knowledgeable. For example, if you are consuming cannabis orally, you will know that a starting dose is between 2.5 and 5mg of THC. Then you just figure out how many doses works best for you! 

You will also know that a THC percentage of 20 or higher is very strong. See how much you’re learning? :)

3. More Medicinal Benefit

This is probably the most important benefit of lowering your cannabis dose, particularly if you are a medicinal user. Due to something called the biphasic effect, your dose of cannabis for a given medical condition may not be effective for at least two reasons: the dose is too low OR the the dose is too high! That’s right; more is not always better. You may be surprised that a lower-than-normal dose of cannabis may indeed give you greater therapeutic benefit than you thought you could get! 

Thanks for checking in on this smart and emerging approach to cannabis. We hope you discover new benefits in your cannabis use and that you are able to help educate others toward healthy, functional, and pleasant cannabis use!