If you are reading this article, we have some news that probably doesn’t shock you: using weed feels good! Experienced marijuana users have come to expect common effects like euphoria, calmness, tranquility, and an overall good mood.

Put differently, cannabis helps us feel positive emotions. But what about the way we think? Does cannabis help us have more positive thoughts too?

Negative Thinking Habits

For example, take the case of someone struggling with depression due to a romantic breakup. Part of what makes depression so difficult is the negative habits of thinking that come along with it. These negative thinking habits can take many forms such as repetitive/intrusive thoughts (e.g., “I can’t believe it’s over between us”) or “all or nothing” thoughts (e.g., “I’ll never find someone that will make me happy ever again”). 

When you think in these repetitive, negative ways, it can feel as if you are being dealt a hand in a card game that is always the same, because the deck never gets shuffled. But what if cannabis was a way to “shuffle the deck” and help us break out of negative thinking patterns?

Cannabis, Depression, and Positive Psychology

Before moving on, we want to be clear that we are not suggesting that cannabis is some sort of miracle-drug that cures serious cases of depression. Traumatic life events may trigger depression that is best treated with professional therapy. 

However, for mild to moderate cases of depression, we are suggesting that using cannabis to disrupt negative thinking patterns could be effective. In fact, we believe that marijuana may be effective in helping us think more positively. 

According to positive psychology (the scientific study of what makes life worth living), there are certain thinking practices that help us feel happier, such as gratitude, optimism, and mindfulness. Let’s examine each of these to explore how, in tandem with cannabis, they can steer us away from negative thinking into a positive frame of mind.


What is it?

A recognition that there are good things in the world for which to be thankful.

Why is it worth doing?

Gratitude is very strongly linked with happiness and other positive outcomes such as reduced stress and anxiety. It even has a physical effect on our bodies — grateful people have improved immune responses, lower blood pressure and better quality sleep!

How can cannabis help?

Begin with an appreciation for this incredible plant. Let the fact that this plant exists at all and that it is more widely available than ever fill you with thankfulness and peace. 

Expand from there to your appreciation for the good things in your life. Even if your life circumstances don’t seem to give you much to be thankful for, let the effect of cannabis on your mind open yourself up to new ways of thinking about your life; see the ways that things could be worse and notice the things that you normally take for granted.

Which Cream of the Crop product is best for Gratitude? 

Animal Mints 4: High in the terpene beta-caryophyllene, which has antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects, Animal Mints 4 will give you a nice foundation for reflective, grateful thinking.


What is it?

Optimistic people have a rational belief that things will go right in the future based on reasonable evidence. They believe that negative events are temporary, limited in scope, and don’t need to be taken personally. 

Why is it worth doing?

Optimism has been linked with a better ability to handle stress, a greater likelihood to achieve goals, and more creativity.

How can cannabis help?

Consider something in your life that you try to avoid thinking about. For example, maybe there is an upcoming family gathering that you are dreading. Notice the familiar sensations of anxiety and resistance to this upcoming event. 

Now, ride the wave of the cannabis influence to help you think of this event more optimistically.

Focus on at least one thing to look forward to and plan on enjoying yourself — there is no need to worry about things that haven’t happened yet.

Which Cream of the Crop product can help with Optimism? 

White Tahoe Cookies: An energizing, mood-boosting strain that will help “reshuffle” your thoughts toward optimistic and inspiring ideas. 


What is it?

The act of purposely paying attention to the present moment, without labeling or judging it.

Why is it worth doing?

The practice of mindfulness meditation has been linked with reduced stress, greater happiness, and even beneficial changes to the structures of our brains.  

How can cannabis help?

The effect of cannabis can sometimes cause our thoughts to start racing, so selecting the correct strain and dosage is really important. One study found that inhaling cannabis essential oil was related to an increase in alpha brain waves; mindfulness meditation has also been found to have this effect on alpha waves.

As you settle into the effect of the cannabis, make no effort to clear your mind or control your thoughts at all. Instead, simply notice your thoughts as if you are sitting on the bank of a river, watching the current go by. If you find yourself attached to a particular thought or emotion, take a moment to notice that this has happened. Now you are practicing mindfulness! Then gently bring your attention back to simply observing you thoughts without judgment or self-reprimand. (This ought to be a bit easier with the right cannabis effect). 

Which Cream of the Crop product will help with experiencing Mindfulness?

OGKB: Our flagship strain that combines a heavy sedative effect with a mood-boosting and stress-reducing feeling. This strain can help you stay grounded, focused, and positive.

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Although it is entirely possible to be grateful, optimistic, and mindful without the use of cannabis, we believe that this extraordinary plant can help us explore new positive depths of our thoughts and feelings. 

Whether you are struggling to break away from negative thinking or you would like to simply “shuffle the deck” and re-conceptualize your life, cannabis can be an effective and pleasant way to journey toward new frontiers.